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macbook or ipad???

i'm currently in year 11 and i have an imac which i've had for around 5 years now. its a little slow but totally bearable for the time being especially if i clear it out which i'm planning on doing. i want to get either a macbook or an ipad for sixth form but i have no idea which to get. i'm doing biology, chemistry and economics so i know i'm going to have a fair share of maths to do and a laptop isn't exactly ideal for that so should i get a macbook and get rid of the imac or get an ipad and use that with the imac? also it seems out of touch that im only considering apple products but my parents don't want me to get anything else because of security or whatever. my school also offers laptops that are exclusively for year 12s and 13s so i could always use one in school if i must. i feel like the answer is pretty obvious but i know that ipads are not as reliable in terms of longevity but macbooks are so any advice would be much appreciated on which ipad to get that wouldn't cost an insane amount.
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Hey! In my opinion the versatility of a macbook is a lot better than an ipad. (it runs more softwares, usually faster, more compatible etc.) however when it comes to for example taking notes an ipad is a more efficient solution as you could pretty much use it as your own pen and paper in that matter. At the end of the day both are great choices and whichever one you think would suit your style and work ethic better should be your choice :smile:

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