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Washing debate - how long

How long do you put a washing on for?

So random question but I currently live with my boyfriend and his flatmate for being closer to uni. I don’t pay anything to live with boyfriend and his flatmate as they won’t take any money off me but I do cook and clean and help out in anyway I can. I get on well with my boyfriend’s flatmate and like any girlfriend would like to think they do things fairly such as the cleaning, taking out bins, buying things for the flat they both use etc.

I’ve recently noticed that whenever my boyfriend’s flatmate puts on a wash he will put on an “outdoor” wash. I wasn’t sure what sort of cycle this was and checked it out the next time I was putting on a wash to realise it was… 4 AND A HALF HOUR WASH AND DRY CYCLE! FOR JUST PANTS AND SOCKS!

I was so took back by this as thought that can’t be right 4 1/2 hours? I only take less than 2 hours for bedding and towels? So I told my boyfriend anyways about this and said that it might lead to higher electric bills as there is no need for a washing to be on for that long. He replied with: he pays the bills so he can do what he likes? Which in fairness I do understand yes he pays for it he can use it, but 4 hours? I thought maybe he just doesn’t know how to use the machine and not know there are quicker cycles for washing and drying his clothes? But no I actually watched him unload another basket full of dirty pants and socks and set it deliberately to the same 4 and half hour cycle… It’s not just the length of a cycle that is irritating and irrelevant but the time he puts washes on at as well such as during the night? When we have neighbours above and below us? Its just common courtesy to be quite during these hours?

It’s driving me up the walls, I don’t know how to bring this up or if I should to the flatmate as my boyfriend is now getting fed up of me mentioning it to him “all the time” he says. I just don’t like to think that they are wasting electricity during a cost of living crisis? And literally everyone I’ve asked how long they do their washing for no one is even close to the cycle he does?
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The cycle I usually use is around 3 hrs (wash only). I like my clothes to be clean.
You could just ask the guy why he washes things for hours at a time if there is shorter programs, but beyond that you've exhausted the matter and as a guest need to drop it.
I’ve got quite a nice machine that adjusts the cycle time depending on the weight of washing. No dryer though.

40 degree full load takes about 90-100 mins. Short wash is around an hour.

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