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Can i skip cleanser and just use water towash my face

I have sensitive acne-prone skin am 19 years old and have combination to oily skin. Can I skip cleanser and just use water to wash my face to help lower the costs of my skincare routine
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no you will die
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No, but you can use very mild soap. Water and oil don't mix so you need something to clean the grease and reduce the bacteria that cause acne.
I would definitely say no to just water, but as someone said a mild soap bar may help (some people use Dove soap). Especially for acne-prone skin, cleansing is one of the most important stages as it should help to unclog pores full of dirt and oil buildup that cause acne.
you need a (chemical) exfoliant, especially if you have oily and acne prone skin like me. a single salicylic acid cleanser is the best thing in my opinion. i have the one from cerave because even though it might be a bit expensive, it's very worth it because it also lasts for a very very long time.
i would say physical exfoliate twice a week and use a salicylic acid face wash/cleanser every day (apart from the physical exfoliating days)

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