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Struggling to make friends at sixth form.

I started going to Cardinal Newman College (Preston) Last year in September and I am in year 12 (female). I struggle with social anxiety a lot but try to dress trendy with makeup and looking my best to fit in with others. I find that I don't have a lot in common with the people I talk to, I love logical questions, politics, anime and gaming. I am studying health and social care at college and if you know, then it is mostly full of chav's or muslim girls that all have their own groups and are not keen on being friendly. I've honestly started to feel more and more lonely these days because I feel like I am unapproachable. I hang out with 2 girls but one of them has 0 social media and has very opposite views to me and the other has her own friend group and only hangs out with us when she's alone. I've joined clubs, I've tried to keep in contact with old friends from high school but I lost them all. I have no real friends. I used to be apart of the '' popular druggie '' group in high school but lost most of my friends as they would get suspended and then I just turned into the loner weird girl that had no friends, high school was depressing and college doesn't seem any better which I wish wasn't the case. I quit drugs, I stopped smoking, I tried everything to mentally make myself a better person but I still have no friends. As sad as it is to admit, I've come to this site to hopefully get some tips on how to make friends. I'd appreciate any advice.
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Other than the drugs thing, you sound very similar to how I was in the sixth form, not too long ago. I'll give you two answers. The first is the ideal version of events. The second is the version of events that I had, which probably won't apply to you.

1. The group of friends you have now doesn't sound great. I'm not concerned about the difference of views as that something that can be looked past, but having no way of communicating with her outside of college is not a good place to be, and the other friend probably won't become your next best friend although it is possible you might become closer to her, and perhaps 'adopted' into her friend group which would (assuming you'd get along with them) be the best outcome at present.

2. When I was in the sixth form, I started with two friends. One I lost early on. I made some new friends but fell out with them after a large incident half way through the first year. The only friend who I was with long term stopped being my friend in the second year after a difference of opinion they couldn't look past. For the last couple of months I was horribly alone in the sixth form, angry at myself and the other people who I'd lost for differing reasons which I won't get into in a publicly available thread. Please try to make friends outside of college in some way because that will likely have the best outcome, and you'll probably be able to rely on them more.

Of course, if you want someone to talk to feel free to send me a message and we can chat, but that's if you feel like it. I don't think you're in a bad situation right now, but you may well be wishing it had gone differently if this time next year you're in the same position.

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