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applying for law with bad grades :/

first and foremost i’d like to establish that i’m set on going to london for uni and studying a law degree (preferably at kings)
but my mental health went rapidly downhill last year and i ended up achieving grades lower than my predicted. so i took a gap year with the intention of redoing my subjects, but i ended up visiting my home country due to a family emergency meaning i couldn’t do my lnat. i came back to the uk after the deadline passed and applied to rg unis (kcl, lse, soas, ucl) with royal holloway being my ‘safe’ option since i thought i might be able to do a foundation course/ get in through clearing… however i contacted my unis and they told me otherwise so i don’t know what to do anymore 😭 i’m not planning on taking another gap year either (my parents won’t let me do so anyways) and i’m 100% certain i’ll have no uni offers. my parents have been pressuring me enough, i’m stressed and i basically have no direct help from school… so any advice would be appreciated. pleaseeeee
Places to study undergrad law in London are highly competitive.
Even without an Lnat requirement.
If your grades and attendance levels are much below average, it's very unlikely that any London Russell Group uni with far more applications than places will be willing to make a law offer.
Even after considering any exceptional circumstances you or your reference mention.

Plenty of London unis are very popular with international and home student applicants of all ages who have high grades accompanied by great academic references.
Many of them applying for law undergrad courses with extensive extracurriculars, a Lmat score above 25/42, some relevant work history or volunteering experience.

Remember that full time undergrad law degrees tend to have a heavy workload and can be very intense, with lots of pressure during term time.
If you don't receive any law offers, look into opportunities to resit.
Then consider applying for a law place again when you have better grades or a high Lnat score.

Maybe consider alternative London uni courses with places available through clearing or opportunities for apprenticeships.
Good luck!

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