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The question is: Explain the importance of the building of the Berlin war for relations between the USA and Soviet Union:

The Berlin wall, built in 1961 was especially important for how the USA and the Soviet Union got along. It provoked strong resentment at each other because it showed how different their is dead were. It also split Europe into two wrathful groups, which made them want to engage in further conflicts and to splurge on weapon acquisition. Furthermore, the wall stopped people from moving around and taking to each other which made them even more suspicious of each other.

Overall, the building of the Berlin Wall strongly contributed to the USA and the Soviet Unions dislike of each other even MOT editing the Cold War. It deepened their hatred and made their differences even more clearer, leading to more arguments and competition. The wall's impact spread far and wide, affecting how they talked to each other, how they prepared for war, and the fights they got into indirectly through other countries. In summary, it aggravated the overall tension of the Cold War.

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