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panic attack in med school interview?

just had a zoom interview with bristol and in the first breakout room (3 out of 6 interviewers present) i was very visibly close to a panic attack, managed to calm myself down and continue with the questions

the second breakout room i think went really well and i’m very happy with how that one went

but worried my whole interview might now be a write-off because of that, would that be the case or could i still be considered?
I did bristol yesterday, it was definitely intimidating at times!

I think you'll still be considered, it's a mmi after all so it can all balance out even if there were a couple you didn't feel good in. - you also never know what they are thinking try not to stress.

good luck!!
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well done for completing your interview!! i think the interviewers know that it's a nerve-wracking process for a majority of people anyway. the way you were able to calm yourself down and keep going is actually really impressive!!! undoubtably during med u will get stressed, but you are clearly able to manage it and that's a crucial trait. so what i'm trying to say is that the interviewers could actually see this as a positive thing.
good luck :smile:
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absolutely agree with others that as it was an MMI, it should hopefully balance out. and also the interviewers will know that most people are nervous. if you feel that it really hindered your performance, it might be worth letting the admissions team know? but i'm not 100 percent sure if that's appropriate. others will be able to advise. good luck!

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