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which science masters are the highest in demand? cardiovascular? radiology?

im a 3rd year biomedical science student. its time to finally apply for post grad studies!
I want to apply to a masters degree that will allow me to progress through my career and is in high demand enabling me to get a good salary. I heard that radiology is one of the degrees which is in high demand, with less strenuous work you get paid a lot and there are a lot of job opportunities. is this true?

some courses I have had an interest in for a while are cardiovascular science/research as well as gastroenterology however im not too sure how much I can advance in the future with these courses.

im open to any pathway as long as it is science based.

any help would be much appreciated!
Radiology is not a degree, it's a medical specialty. To be a radiologist you need to do a masters degree. Likewise gastroenterology is a medical specialty requiring a medical degree.

You aren't going to have that many more options with a masters in a bio(medical) science field than with a bachelors. The difference will show for those who have a PhD, at which point they may be able to get involved much more in research in biopharma companies. Otherwise you're really just competing for the same jobs as any grads, or looking for specific lab based roles (which will probably pay less).

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