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Transfer From a UK University to another

I'm currently a student at Coventry, I want to transfer to a better Uni in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the start of September 2024, for background information, expecting a 2:2 or a 2:1 at the end of the year, just started as a research assistant at two unis, The CGPA here doesn't necessary count from year 1, so i paid no attention at the last semester and got 40s in all, if i get a first class in my second semester, will i have a good chance of transferring into year 2 ?

PS: I already got answers from 3 unis that they would consider my application for transfer, i just wanted to know if its the right move and if the odds are really that good.
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Just apply through UCAS and see what offers you get. You don’t have to decide until the summer.

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