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do girls like Pakistanis over Indians?

Does the nerdy, well educated, socially awkward and feminine Asian stereotypes only apply to Indian men?
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As much as many white and black people hate to admit it but Pakistani males are rising in boxing. Adam Azim is the European champion and then Hamzah Sheeraz is ranked 4 in the world and Americans are noticing him. Boxing unlike cricket is a sexually attractive sport. Indian men tend to bring brown men down. Pakistanis like Zayn Malik bring them up
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I can testify yes without a doubt. If you watch videos like "the most pengest nationality in the UK from areas like Birmingham or other northern towns. A good chunk of women say Pakistani guys. You don't see women mentioning Indian, Sri Lankan or other groups of Asian.

Correct me if I'm wrong
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as a girl most of my friends find pakistanis not good lookoing we prefer indians and black and whites pakistanis are just trying to convert
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yes. indians get mogged bro. and not just that but they think they're better than everyone. as a pakistani male i can confidently say that pakistanis are better than indians.
Not all indians think like that ,some pakistanis I know are like that as well,You don't see me going around telling people that all indians are better than pakistanis , in what way are u stating ur better? This comment is the most narrow-minded and ignorant comment I've seen. Just because you have had unpleasant encounters with a few indians doesnt mean the whole population is 'mogged'. How could you post such a comment?.Your answer is not even related to the question.No one asked whose better ,we're talking about what girls prefer.Girls are supposed to be answering this, not you. Such a stereotypical comment .Stupidity at its peak
not all girls and depends on the girl,as long as you treat her right and make her feel special ,ethnicity is our last concern

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