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I am worried of my grades will affect my chances in future for a law firm

Hi guys
I just want to say I love this community so much .It has answered most questions I always wanted to know from others especially those that are in the same situation.
To cut to the chase
I have problem and I will be glad if someone or anyone answer me back
I am international student from Nigeria .i did maths and English gsce only .I was too late to go to a secondary school.Not good grade .I got 5 in them and I am doing an access course right now which is social science.I worry if Russell university will take me as I plan to go to Russell unis like queen mary University or Exeter or Durbam.But my most worry is how my GSCE grades and Access course background are going to affect me to be chosen by Law firms .I just want to ask what should I do now at this point to become a strong candidate.

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