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Feeling repulsive during sex with my new boyfriend.

I met a guy early this month, we started dating last week. We had our first sex last week. But recently whenever he approaches me for sex I have this urge to tell him "man **** off my body am not interested", even kissing which I enjoy so much I couldn't do it because he has this alcoholic sting coming out his mouth and always pour spit in my mouth,which I don't like at all.
Whenever his is horny, he is very rough and I do have bruises which I hate also.
Note: this is someone that if all things goes well, I would settle down with. I appreciate him a lot because he's very straightforward and caring though.
Again sex is becoming painful for me.
My only issue right now is the repulsive feeling I do get when he tries touching me .

What do I do??
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If he's as caring as you say, you discuss it with him and tell him what is comfortable and what isn't. However, I don't think he is, as with sex early on and getting to know each other he should also be asking you and not just using you for his gratification. Why didn't you speak up at the time?

It isn't a relationship if you can't communicate!
i assume you are both around 21 or 22?

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