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Sexual and physical anhedonia

I’m a 26 year old student from wales . Over the last couple of months I have been experiencing physical anhedonia - I no longer feel pleasure from a head massage , bathing or drinking a cup of tea . I just feel an uncomfortable burning sensation underneath my scalp and inside my head .
I also have sexual anhedonia . I cant feel pleasure from intimacy or orgasm .
I’m struggling with this as I don’t think I will be able to find a boyfriend if I can’t enjoy sex or even feel attraction. I will end up resenting them.
I just feel blah and apathy about sex at the moment . I know it’s not a huge issue , I just feel it’s unfair.
I am only 26 and already my sex life is over
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I don't have a great understanding of Anhedonia but it sounds to be a hellish place to be. I can only imagine what it must be like to feel absolutely nothing in emotional pleasure. I am aware of extreme disassociation in cases of severe trauma but have no great experience in symptomatic disassociation with depression. I can only sympathise with you and hope that you have some good medical and emotional support (urging you to see a medical professional if you haven't already) to help you cope with the depression and the physical symptoms you are experiencing.

I am curious to know whether the Anhedonia you experienced came on suddenly or whether it was a gradual development? Whether there was a moment in your life where something happened that you ended up feeling this way? It must be awful not to have any enjoyment in life and in the day to day things you do. There is clearly the link to depression.

There will be an end to this but I expect it is torture not knowing when it is likely to end. I hope that you can get some talking therapies too to help you unravel everything that is going on for you right now. If there is a small consolation I understand that if it recurs it is likely to be shorter in duration and less severe in its manifestation. No wonder you think life is so bad and you feel fed up. Anhedonia will have an end eventually so please don't give up hope.
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Hi Thanks for your reply. Its been over a year and I have not recovered the pleasure I lost. I had an ex boyfriend but I couldnt enjoy sex with him or feel any pleasure from his company. I was in a lot of discomfort and he could probably tell. I feel intense emotional numbness on a day to day basis and find getting out of bed in the morning very difficult as I have no money or pleasure to motivate me. I have psychosis too and I hear derogatory voices in my head which makes it even more difficult to motivate myself. I am hoping to start a new antipsychotic but it feels like my sex life is over completely as antipsychotics also numb you. I guess it is something I will have to live with. I dont think I will ever be able to have a relationship again

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