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A level choice medicine

Hi so I'm currently picking my a-level choices with the intention of taking bio, chem and english literature (funny mix I know)
After sixth form, I'm about 70 percent sure I want to do a medicine degree, but have always loved english and wanted to take literature a level, so I was wondering how much doing so would harm my chances of getting into a top medical university? I know most require chem and only one other science, but for top universities is having a third non-stem subject a big disadvantage?
Would really appreciate some advice, thank you.
Im in a very similar position to you lol. I defo want to go into medicine, but I also don't want to stop studying english lit; it's also a personal passion of mine. Personally, I'm thinking of doing Bio, Chem, Maths, AND English Lit. Luckily, I feel like I am very academically talented and so am only doing 4 bc i feel like i can get top grades with 4, and I also just enjoy learning.

I think that maths is quite a fundamental A level, it gives you many useful skills, and opens the most doors out of all A levels. However, some unis actually prefer recruiting students with a diverse range of a level backgrounds. From what I've heard, grades matter over what you do as your third subject (for most unis), so I just picked what I am personally good at: Maths is defo my strongest subject, and English I am passionate about (therefore likely to get higher grade).
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Choose the 3rd A level that you will get the highest grade in.

The best med school is thr one that gives you an offer, it's not the same as other degrees, so don't focus on "top" unis. Make a strategic choice.

The vast majority of med schools don't care what your third A level is in. But they do care about the grade.
AAA incl English Lit is way more likely to get you in than AAB (in physics) or AABB in anything.

It's not a blanket rule, as some will have subjects they won't accept, most often critical thinking or applied science. Or some don't like cross over combos like Biology and Zoology example. But it's not a bad principle.

It may be helpful to have one essay subject so you can keep your hand in, but not essential. But, do think about workload and balance. Eng Lit is quite heavy.

But, if you aren't sure you are going to do medicine and may do something with English Lit then keep your options as wide as you can for now.

Good luck.
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Only Cambridge want a third science.
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that's really helpful from you all thank you!

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