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Army application with history of depression

I am on the process of applying for the army however I have a history of depression on my medical records.

I received medication for the first time in 2019 after a relationship breakdown from a long term relationship. We then hit the Covid period, and so I stayed on the medication for a while/doctor didn’t recommend I come off them. The reality was I didn’t take them very much but still had the prescriptions. The dose was low.

I then started taking medication again at the end of 2022 after another relationship breakdown. The end of the relationship was unpleasant and I took medication again for 3-months while receiving therapy. For the last year I have been symptom free and living a much better and healthier life. I have changed the things that meant I was not happy. The things that made me upset were linked to childhood issues which have now been resolved.

I have submitted my medical records to the military but am worried that this means my application to join the military will be unsuccessful.

Do you have any advice?
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The only advice is to wait and see what happens. No-one on here or in the AFCO can say whether you'll be successful or not, or even asked to wait and reapply in future.

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