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Would LSE agree if I ask them whether I can drop my EPQ

I received an offer on Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Methods in LSE. I do not want to continue on my EPQ for I’m just too lazy to complete it. Also I have already missed the deadline for final submission at school. The most important thing is I rarely concentrated on any of my classes last semester for I was preparing interviews at Cambridge (I got rejected of course) and modifying my personal statement and I reeeeeeaaaaaallyyyyyy need time to preview my alevel subjects to meet the university’s condition (grades AAA)…I don’t have any time for EPQ now. I have already sent a query saying ‘EPQ is not part of the academic requirements in my offer, nor is it mentioned in my personal statement’. I wonder if any one asked LSE about dropping their EPQ in the past and whether LSE agreed.
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Yeah, would probably be fine if its not part of your offer.
Even if it is part of your offer, universities typically give two offers for people taking EPQs; decreased offer and standard.
So as long as you meet the requirements for the standard then you'd be all good.

If you are planning on dropping out, you should probably do this soon. As if you don't, you might be unable to, and you'd end up with a fail/low grade on your record. I also believe that there's a deadline for leaving the course for free, once the deadline passes you have to pay something like £70 depending on the exam board.
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Ahhh! Thank you very much!! I’m now waiting for their reply to my query

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