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MOC in Uk

Hi, i am a muslim belong to a very conservative family. Currently in UK for my Masters degree. I came here just to avoid being married, as i am not straight. But, still there is a lot of pressure on me to marry as my family thinks it should be done now. I am in a position where i cant tell them about this and cant delay it any longer. I dont know what to do in this case. I know someone who is not in my position would easily say that just be honest and tell them , but i cant. The only thing that i can think of is to find a partner who is also facing such issues and can marry just to end this topic. Because, i really cant do anything or think fof my future, unless this is not taken care of. But i dont know where to find someone as there is no platforms for people like us. It feels so lonely sometimes , nobody to share this with.

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