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Tips and Advice Please?

Hey guys I hope you are well,

I have a face to face interview next week for a IT trainee interview the duties are mainly based around IT Support noteable duties though: assisting user support, Helpdesk and BAU related activities. Regularly monitoring and troubleshooting software issues. Manual testing and technical documentation with admin work. Now to prepare for this interview I have been practicing questions such as the Tell me about yourself, Why do I want to work within IT Support , Why do I want to work for the company.

Even though it’s a competency based interview I will also be practicing scenario related questions using the star method do you think the practice and preparation that I've done so far have gone the right way and that I’ll be able to ace the interview, and that as a trainee position the questions won’t be deemed as tough or challenging also what other advice or tips would you provide please.

Thank you
Hi Mohammed, what you have done so far sounds great! Are you currently in University? If so, you should consider speaking to your Careers & Employability team for additional support as they should be able to run through some practice interviews with you and provide you with other useful resources. Additionally, I would suggest reading the job description and specification in a lot of detail; making notes on the skills/qualities you have that match the description/specification and providing examples of how you can demonstrate them. I'd also maybe search the role you are applying to and the company name on google to see if there's any reviews on websites such as 'Glassdoor', which often has people discussing their interview and some of the questions they got asked. Overall, it's important to demonstrate your passion for the IT field and to just be yourself!

Best of luck in your interview!


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