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New Enrolment for M Public Policy afraid of post study work situation

Hi everyone

I am due to start my MSc in Public Policy (current offers - UCL,York, KCL, results awaited from - Oxford, LSE, Edinburgh, Bristol) in the Fall of 2024

Till now, i had a positive overview of the post study work scenario.

However, now with Mr Cleverly, going to review the Graduate Route Visa Scheme and the difficulty faced by international students to land a full
time job after studies.

I want to know if it is indeed very difficult for International Students to land a job after a Masters in U.K, what is the average timeline for international students from graduation to getting a full time job?

Is it really a very grim scenario on the jobs front?

My background - I have a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA from India and i am now
Planning to go for a masters in public policy, should i be spending all that much in tuition fees considering the jobs climate in UK
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