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Can I accept two offers with different start dates?

I am a graduate and I have already signed a contract for a graduate job (job A) which is expected to start in April.

However, I just received an offer (Job B) from another company with better pay and prospects in general. This job's start date is in September.

I absolutely want job B in September. Is it possible to sign both contracts now, and leave job A before the end of the probation period (July)? Is it fine as long as I give a sufficient notice period during the probation? Does anyone have any experience doing this?

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Yes, you can quit any job via the notice period in your employment contract for any reason.

No reason why you can't work for a few months with the first job and then resign.

It also protects you against the small risk of the 2nd employer cancelling the offer in the meantime.
Check your contract for Job A to see what it says about the trial period and how to quit during that time. Usually, you can leave the job with a short warning. Make sure you understand these rules well to avoid any trouble.
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Read the contract and make sure there isn't some ridiculous clause dragging you in, other than that, as long you give Job A 2-4 weeks notice (depending on how much notice it says in the contract they want) then you can do this.

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