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Should I stay at my job?

I go to university in Lincoln, but my hometown is Wrexham, North Wales. When I am back home I have a job working at a pub. I work in the kitchen, dishwashing, running food, clearing tables, delivering drinks, doing glass wash and sorting cutlery for tables. I do all of this in every shift, When I'm in the kitchen my responsibilities is to run food out, put plates through the dishwasher, polish cutlery, clean and sort out sauces for dishes. When I working out in the front of the pub I am looking after 46 tables by pretty much by myself.
The pub I work at is understaffed so I'm expected to do the same amount of work at the same speed as it would take two people to do.
I need the extra money when I'm back home, especially over the summer. I like that the job is flexible in the way that I message my manager with when I am available to work and when I'm not and she works my rota around it.
However, I'm not happy in the job. Some of the things they expect me to do are ridiculous. For example, I'm allergic to wasps and my manager yelled at me in the pubs beer garden because I wouldn't collect a plate because it was covered in wasps and I didn't want to risk getting stung. I found out I was allergic on my second shift there as I got stung in the eye and sent to A&E. It sounds like a little thing but its just one example of many that I could give you.
I really need the money from this job and they took a chance on me as I had no experience before working there. However, the work environment is fully of hypocrisy, double standards and unrealistic expectations. The people who work there are nice people, it's their expectation's that are the problem.
I don't know if I should stay or not. The hour's are long, with short breaks, it's minimum wage as would be expected with the job that it is and that isn't an issue. I'm currently doing 35-40 hours a week, it's tiring but I don't mind it as I need the money.
I've tried writing a pros and cons list but I don't know whether to risk quitting before I go back for summer before finding another job back home, but working there over the summer isn't something that I want to do for three months and I don't know if somewhere else would take me on just over the summer.
I would leave, expecting you to get stung is one thing but knowing you have an allergy and still expecting you to do it is bad. They are honestly lucky we don't live in a culture where people are more willing to use the legal system because if an employer was forcing me to do that I'd seriously consider a solicitor.

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