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late ucas application

hey! im currently just applied for Ucas late application like first of march... I have called universities and they said their applications are open, however I haven't heard much about receiving offers- is it much harder to get an offer into uni this way? or should I wait for clearing?
I applied for uni of Sussex, Nottingham Trent and Uni of Nottingham
If they have confirmed that the courses are still open it's usually no more difficult than if you had applied pre-deadline.

Sometimes the internal process might be a bit different, but if the course is still open than it's not one of the most highly competitive which is why they are still welcoming apps.
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Early applicants have a better advantage as they apply when more spaces are available. However, if the course is still open and is accepting applications, then your submission should still be considered.

Furthermore, clearing is a great option especially if you're open to exploring different universities.

However, since you already submitted your application, keep contacting the universities and requesting an update or follow-up, and be prepared to provide additional information when they request it.

If you don't receive an offer, start researching clearing and other available alternatives.

I hope I managed to help!

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