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Becoming registered keeper of car....

I'm currently driving my mums car, insured on her policy and she pays for the tax, mot etc....

She doesn't use this car for has another she uses all the time so really I am sole user of this vehicle.

I am in a position where I can pay for insurance etc... and want to start building my own no claims bonus.

So my questions are... does she have to treat this as if I'm purchasing the vehicle so filling in the log book that she has sold the car and myself filling in my part to say I have purchased it... to get the vehicle registered in my name ?

As I'm on my mum's insurance for this vehicle. I will have to straight away go and get myself my own insurance on the vehicle to be able to tax it ? Or does the tax left on it that my mum has paid for ( I believe it has 10 months left ) does that carry on with the vehicle ? Or does it end when my mum is no longer the keeper ?

Just really need to know what I need to do... so my mum fills in the paperwork that she has sold the car, I fill in the paperwork to say I am now the owner of the car ..... then what do I need to do insurance and tax wise ?

Thank you
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Well, you need to get your own insurance for the car and pay tax for it as well. You can have your mum on your insurance as well.

How much is the remaining on the tax of the car she will get back, and you'd have to pay for the tax for the year.

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