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HEC MSc in Marketing vs LSE GMiM - confused which to choose

Hi everyone.

I have offers from HEC Paris for an MSc in Marketing/Master’s in Marketing and from LSE for a Global Master's in Management but I am not sure which one to choose. My career goal is to get into marketing or consulting, and my preferred city to live/work in is London.

I am confused because of the following.

HEC MSc wins on rankings by a mile. HEC is the number #1 in the world for MSc in Marketing and #1 business school in Europe, while LSE GMiM or MiM is #13 in QS Rankings and doesn’t even show up in FT Rankings (not sure why). However, MiM is considered more prestigious than an MSc, so I am not sure if that makes a huge difference.

The choice becomes confusing regarding employability. Based on their websites and LinkedIn research, both programmes have career prospects. However, finding a marketing role in the UK that provides a Visa sponsorship is very difficult (making consulting a much more realistic choice), while knowing French is important in finding a marketing role at a top MNC in France.

With regard to the programme/curriculum, I personally like the LSE programme more since it is longer and gives the option to get a CEMs double degree by going to a CEMS college in the second year (including HEC!). So, theoretically, the GMiM gives me the opportunity to get the best of both worlds. It also keeps the doors open for functions other than marketing.

Finally, location/culture fit is also important to consider. The central London location makes LSE a lot more appealing since London is my dream city, compared to HEC (which is over an hour away from Paris). I also aim to have a diverse social group. I think I will have a better chance at this at LSE than at HEC (because of the language barrier).

Please help me decide what to choose. 🙏
Hey! I would go with the LSE GMIM 🙂 it seems like you'd really like to work in London afterwards which is really great and this would give you the opportunity to spend some time in Paris as well! More opportunities and you never know where that could take you. LSE has a great universal ranking and its very well known so there's really no compromising here. All the best as you make your decision!! Congratulations btw!

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