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Terrible dissertation (almost definite fail)

Hi, it's almost time to hand in my final year project (dissertation) and I have made a terrible attempt and I know it is 100% a fail. I have had a terrible year in university, as I hate my course, I hate being here, I am completely burnt out and feel lazy and down all the time. I know it is my fault, but I came into a problem with my project that stumped me for weeks, that my advisor didnt help with, and then just generally leaving it too late.

Is it all over for this year, despite all my other modules going ok, and what should be my course of action now? Maybe there is no answer, and I just want to vent, but I'm just not sure what I'm gonna do. I don't care about getting a good grade, because I'm no longer interested in my field, but I have worked hard the rest of my time in uni and academic life, and want the degree to open up teaching opportunities in the future.

Thanks, and appologies for the rant.
Have you looked through the learning outcomes for your dissertation module and compared them to what you have done?
You might be surprised by your mark - and a quick LO check might help to spot what’s missing in time to add it in to get a pass.

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