Getting A*s in A Level: is it possible?

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Everyone wants to do well at A Levels, and some of us may even want to aim for the top grades! But even if you didn't do quite as well in your mocks initially, is there still a way to turn things around before the big exam season? (My answer: of course - read on to find out!)

Hello everyone, my name is Emmanuella and I'm sure like all Year 12s and 13s, we want to do the best we can to achieve our educational dreams! This is why I opened a forum, asking fellow TSR members advice on how to get A*s at A Level and their responses were very detailed and insightful. I've decided to curate a few tips to help those who are thinking of achieving these top grades in Year 13. Here goes...

1) Past Paper Exam Questions

I can't stress enough how important exam questions are in revision. Like honestly so many questions are repeats and worded similarly so if you get through all of your exam board's exam questions for your subject then you'll definitely do well. Mark them yourself, be harsh and also learn mark scheme terminology if you're going for an A*.  - dadadeedadada

We have probably been told multiple times that exam questions are key when it comes to revision - because in the end, you are going to be answering questions - not going through flashcards. The more you do exam questions, the familiar it will become.

2) Beating procrastination

Procrastination is something we have all faced. Remember, it doesn't mean you are being lazy - it simply means you are putting off a task that you believe requires so much effort. But there are ways to beat this, and your fellow TSR members are here to help!

My No1 tip, literally disappear. Delete all your social media, games, etc. Make a commitment to yourself that you will work until you achieve the grades you need (this is exactly what I did btw). Remember, motivation only gets you started, it’s discipline that carried you forward. - Nithu05

3) Being on top of schoolwork

The only main piece of advice I would say, is just to make sure that you are on top of everything. I know everyone says this but what I mean specifically is that there should be no instant where there are certain topics in your subjects that you do not understand (if there are, then address them immediately). It’s completely ok if right now there’s topics that you don’t remember and haven’t learnt off by heart, since you haven’t revised it yet, but just make sure that you have understood the content well in class so when it does come to revising, it’s a lot easier and you don’t have to spend time first understanding and then memorising. - Anonymous

4) Sticking to a schedule

One of the most important tips to create a study schedule that you will actually stick to! But (like me) I am sure a lot of you have fallen into this trap and have lead astray! Here are some tips

 ...tried to do at least 1 hr per subject after coming back home. I would do an hour then have a 15 min break and repeat that twice more. After that, I would have like 30 mins to 1 hour of buffer time where I finished off anything that I couldn't finish in those 1hr slots before but I also went over what I did in school that day. It's kind of intensive I would say but I got used to it after a while. - Anonymous

Make a weekly study plan, every Sunday night write a plan of what you're gonna do each day of the week and stick to it.
Do you struggle with sticking to a plan? take small steps, do 2 hours of work on monday for example and slowly increase it by 30mins-1hour each day so eventually you reach the desired work load. - Anonymous

I hope these tips helped you!



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