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    Damn, that is really creepy!! Especially the whole tummy rubbing pregnant thing.

    It reminds me of when my female friend (I'm a guy) was constantly pestered by a guy in her class, who followed her around constantly, sat next to her and texted her all the time (saying he wanted to marry her and sexual things). She tried telling him she wasn't interested, and said she was seeing someone else, but that just made him stroppy and jealous. He would then post statuses aimed at her complaining how some people are so mean, selfish etc. It eventually got to the point where he started threatening to kill himself. I knew he wasn't even considering doing it, he was just trying to get her attention. He'd say stuff like no one would miss me and then she'd have to say that she would, which is exactly what he wanted, her affection.

    Unfortunately my friend was not firm enough really, she was always nice to everyone and didn't want to upset him. As such, he continued to bother and upset her for the rest of the year, even when she had a bf, until finally she started uni. Her boyfriend and I tried to help but ultimately it was up to her, she should have been stricter with him.

    You should tell him what he is doing is completely inappropriate. I'm kinda surprised you haven't already made it clear he can't touch you. Like push away his hand and say wtf are you doing?? Then he may realise what he's doing really isn't on.

    If necessary give him an ultimatum- all this stuff stops and we are just friends, or you'll completely cut contact and not talk to him anymore.
    Sounds harsh but honestly its the only way to get through to guys like this, if you're soft he just won't get the message.

    Hope this helped a bit

    If you ask me, I think you just have to be straight up and blunt to him.
    Just tell him that you don't want him touching you and make it clear that you are not in bf/gf relationship.
    I think it's the only way to get through to guys like this.

    Good luck

    I think him not saying he's single was to not advertise to other people because he was trying to focus on you.

    Frying pan to the head should do it. Or Mace him next time he touches your stomach.

    like "you need to back off, son."

    (Original post by Xysabridde)
    I've been friends with a boy for about a year now, we did some drama stuff together and go to the same college so I thought we were getting on well. Only he got the wrong idea- I'm not dating, my last relationship didn't end well and I'm going off to uni next September anyway, but he keeps touching me when I don't want him to, distracting me from my studying, and he hasn't quite told people he's going out with me (when we blatantly are not) but he doesn't say he's single either.

    It's like he's decided he's in a relationship with me without me consenting.

    He also keeps talking about me becoming pregnant and discussing my future plans with me- that's creepy. He's got this habit of rubbing my tummy and talking about "maybe there's a baby in there". I don't know how to get him to stop and I don't want to ruin our friendship, because he is a nice person, or was before he started thinking we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Any advice would be appreciated...
    Just sit him down and say "look im sorry if i havent made this clear before, but im not attracted/interested in you, and nothings going to happen"

    he may know hes in the 'friendzone' and be trying to get himself out of it, just tell him straight best way to do it
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