Need help, I need a good reason/excuse not to have sex with boyfriend.. any ideas? Watch

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(Original post by sacca)
Look you wouldn't argue physics with a physicist so don't argue rape with a gender studies student
This is one of the greatest quotes ever

Anyway, OP it sounds like a mixture of you needing to overcome personal fears and bad timing with the cold sore. I completely agree with you over the cold sore, I wouldn't kiss or let anyone go down on me if they had one. But you also mentioned you're a bit of a hypochondriac and it sounds like you don't like physical contact. Do you offer him any emotional affection? Words, texts etc? Because if you aren't showing him physical or emotional affection, then after 2 months of that I'd start to wonder if the girl even liked me

He's been patient which shows he does like you, but there's only so long you can expect someone to stick around with no affection. He just needs to keep being patient and you need to actively work on your issues with sex. If the doctor said there's nothing wrong with you then maybe you just weren't aroused enough by him or maybe he just dived in too quickly. Does he even foreplay? Surely after 1-2 hours of that sex wouldn't hurt so much?

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