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Spanish "Golden" Phrases

Hi all, thought it would be useful to create a Subjunctive & Golden phrases thread, since these are the expressions which really gain the best marks. If we put on here formulated subjunctive phrases and your golden phrases so then all the people (including myself) can quickly jot them down in the 10 mins stimulus part of the exam to help and then to use them. So add all your "golden" phrases and lets help each other out!

Subjunctive phrases (already formulated)

Que yo recuerde - As far as i remember
Que yo sepa - As far as i know
Cueste lo que cueste - Whatever the cost
Hagan lo que hagan - Whatever they do
Hagamos lo que hagamos - Whatever we do
Pase lo que pase - Whatever happens
Sea lo que sea - Be that as it may
Venga lo que venga
Quienquiera - Whoever
Dondequiera - Wherever
Comoquiera - However
Por ricos/pobres que sean - However rich/poor they may be

Golden phrases

* Si tuviera mucha influencia yo prohibiría la caza - If i had alot/much influence i would ban hunting. (Imp Sbj & Conditional)

* .....

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!bueno, gracias! :smile:
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I like 'Como si fuese lo único que importase' -as if it were the only thing that mattered
and 'este sugiere que...' this suggests that...
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I should be able to add some in a few days once I sort out the mess that is my room :smile:
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Porque que no te calas? - Spanish meme

i have nothing to contribute atm, i will get back to you
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Haha best idea. I love getting the subjunct in for super examiner happy points.
Donde esta mi tequila?

Seriously the only Spanish sentence I know :biggrin:
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I have some that I'll jot down, but before I do, a point. Having a personal tutor who used to mark for a well known exam board, if you're using the imperfect subjunctive, STICK TO THE SAME ENDING.
If you use "tuviese" then "fuera" then "limpiara" and say "tuviera" again, it shows you are simply remembering phrases. By sticking to the same ending you are showing the examiner that you are aware of the conjugation of the imperfect subjunctive. I personally use "se" for it as it seems to roll from the tongue better, but "ara" is fine too.

And for some phrases...

Me da la impresión de que - I have the impression that
Estoy de acuerdo/a - I agree..
Es probable/una lástima/vergonzoso/discutible que + SUBJUNCTIVE - Its probable/a shame/shameful/debatable (use with subj. as doubt exists for some and they are imprsonal expressions)
Pensándolo bien, creo que - On further consideration I think that
Pensándolo bien, NO CREO QUE + subjunctive - On further considerion, I do not think that...
Ya que - Because/given that
Tampoco - neither (use instead of "o" as o can be repetitive)
Si yo fuese ellos/la gente/tú + imp subjunctive - If I was them/the people/you

Structure markers, e.g primeramente, para concluir, para empezar all help boost your mark where there is a mark for quality of response.
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Si estuviese en su pellejo.. if i were in his/her shoes
Ooh this is useful :biggrin: Thanks!
I love

Cada hijo de vecino - every Tom, Dick and Harry. haha.

also I like 'A chorros' to say like in abundance or whatever.

"los inmigrantes vienen a Andalucia a chorros"
Original post by Kinesthetic

Estoy de acuerdo/a - I agree..

'Acuerdo' never changes depending on gender, seeing as it isn't an adjective, it's a noun (literally meaning agreement.)
So I would still say "Estoy de acuerdo" even though I'm female. :smile:
This is a good idea :smile:
Ya sea - whether it be
siquiera - at least
ni siquiera - not even
por otro lado - on the other hand
Subscribing. THIS could save my life.

I have so many subjunctive triggers in my arsenal.

"es discutible que"
"es una lastima que"
"es vergonzoso que"

also i like saying "que + subj verb" to mean 'let'
i.e "que no vengan los inmigrantes a nuestro pais" lol.
This is so helpful!!!

May I recommend Palabra por palabra for people?

as they have some great phrases :smile: I can write some on here if people don't have it
Original post by lampshade1
This is so helpful!!!

May I recommend Palabra por palabra for people?

as they have some great phrases :smile: I can write some on here if people don't have it

Palabra por Palabra is brilliant :smile:
It helped me all the way through my A2 speaking exam revision...just glad i remembered everything in the exam! :')

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