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    Hy Guys,

    I am a portuguese citizen who have been living in Sydney Australia for the last 1.5 years. I recently applied for a part time university course in London and got a letter of offer.

    It is time now to find the best financial support possible. After searching trough the direct.gov.uk -> student finance website i came o the conclusion that as a part time student i can't apply for a fee loan as this option will only be available from September 2012.

    This led me to believe that my only option would be applying for a grant. But after reading the EU EEA Part Time undergraduate funding 2010/2011 eligibility requirements, it specifically says :

    " Basic eligiblility is that you are an EU National who has been living in the EU/EEA or Switzerland for 3 years* prior to the start of your course."

    So as i been living in Sydney for the last 1.5 years i conclude that i am not eligible for this kind of financial support either.

    What i would like to know is if this assumptions are indeed correct and if yes, to what kind of student financial support can i turn too ?

    Your help, advice would be immensely appreciated


    As an EU citizen you are not eligible for any grants

    It appears from the information you have given that you are not eligible for any loans or grants
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    Hi hypocriticaljap, thanks for your post mate.

    I just received the email from my university regarding this doubt and it seems that it is as i thought it was.

    I think it is important that this information stays here in case of someone in the same situation needs some help. EU citizens are in fact eligible for grants from what i observed on direct.gov website and from the words of the university staff response :

    "...based on the new information relating to your residency in Australia we would advise as follows :

    For undergraduate courses starting in September 2011, EU students are entitled to a fee grant only - this is not a loan and does not have to be repaid. This will cover the cost of the part-time tuition fees.
    *You will need to complete the part-time EU Tuition Fee Grant application form (EUPTG1). The form and notes (EUPTG1 notes) for 2011/12 will be available to download from August 2011.

    " It is important that you make it clear to Student Finance England, and the University, that your absence from the EU was temporary and solely for the purpose of study."

    So it seems that i am entitled to apply for a grant, if i will get it or not, i think it's another story.
    Once i am not eligible to ask for a loan and in case this grant application is turned down are there any private financial institutions specialized in student loans that work on the same lines as this government student loans ? With conditions such as, we only start paying back once we get a job and achieve a certain level of income ?


    I maintain my advice. You are not entitled to a grant off UK govt.

    You have not read the criteria for qualifying for a PTG1 grant. You don't meet them.
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    Well, i've been reading all information possible and available regarding this issue and actually calling some institutions. I've been advised to call directly to the Student Finance England ( why i didn't remember this before).

    They inform me that if i am an EU citizen i can apply for the grant, i must prove that i had residency in an EU country for the last 3 years. Which is not my case as i've been living in Australia for the last 1,5 years to study, they also told me that even if i prove that my temporary time outside the EU was only for student proposes there's still a highly chance for them to consider that i don't meet the eligibility requirements. Giving the idea that they discuss case by case and make their decision based on various factors.

    This is not good
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