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Company won't reimburse travel costs for my interview watch

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    What do you think to this? Do you think this is a negative reflection on behalf of the company?
    Initial reaction is that I think this is rude and I'm unsure whether to go for it either way. I would need to take a b&b to get there in the morning on time and it's all going to cost a fair amount.

    What do you guys think?
    Also it's for a placement marketing role

    I've only ever heard of companies paying for travel costs for interviews for very high paying important jobs?
    I'm sure there are a few exceptions, but i doubt most jobs would do it, and i also doubt jobs for placements would.
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    Well it's a year in industry and every single company I've been to thus far have. So just wondering if this is odd or not practise =/

    (Original post by Tommyjw)
    I'm sure there are a few exceptions, but i doubt most jobs would do it, and i also doubt jobs for placements would.
    I think it's pretty standard for graduate jobs at least, as people applying to them are generally either unemployed or students. I think you being forced to pay for a B&B is certainly a bit out of order. When I have been invited to interview I've made it clear I'm travelling from Birmingham - they have generally been kind enough to arrange the interview allowing for travel time, with only one company insisting on 9am but they arranged me a hotel room for the night.

    Though whether or not they actually get round to paying up is a different matter entirely, I am still waiting for a £30 B'ham - London return train fare from an interview I had in November, and have pretty much given up hope!

    How are your other applications? If you already have offers (now might be the time to prod some of your other potential employers if they've been a bit long getting back to you) I would personally take great pleasure in telling them where to stick it. It shows no appreciation for the amount of time and effort you have to put into preparing for and attending the interview. It demonstrates a certain amount of arrogance in expecting possibly dozens of interviewees to be willing to appear at the company's convenience at their own expense. And, if they're treating you like this, how do you think they treat their employees?

    It used to be quite common for companies to do this.

    I rarely see this nowadays though, 'graduate' jobs or not.

    Can you explain how far away it is/how much it is likely to cost?
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    I've decided on going now
    I'm not the most keen on this job- but I want to find out more and hope they prove me wrong!
    They're based in Bromley and I'm from lincolnshire- it's a horrendous 4 hour train journey for me *shoots self* but now I've sorted out staying over at a Uni friends house so I'd be nearer... 1 and half hour nearer to the place. I've also booked advance trains so all in all it should cost roughly £35 which I can spare. (Otherwise it'll be nearing £50 on the day or more as I'd probably have to travel peak times) But I wouldn't have gone if I'd had to take a hotel

    I've been through so many rejections so I guess I'm hitting the slightly desperate but I've got another assessment centre with a hotel in Windermere in teh hols, and when I pass this J&J psychometric, probably that so I'm not completely out of options yet.

    I've got another assessment date
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