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Spliced and diced - perhaps one day, a little shredded!

Welcome to my blog :biggrin:

This is quite possible the most convoluted blog on TSR. It started off nearly a year ago with me being a gym bro, doing one body part a day and making precisely nought progress. This changed in the spring with me deciding to run a marathon with two flatmates. So I spent the spring and summer running and running some more! When it came to the marathon in September, heat and drinking Lucosade sport almost killed me; but I got there, with an awesome sprint finish. Time was 3 hours 59mins 30 seconds. I planned to run it in under 4 hours so I got there just :biggrin: I might have been able to run it faster if it was cooler and I just drank water and ate jelly babies like I did in training :tongue:

Anyway, returned to lifting and some cycling after a few days of not being able to walk. Was a bit of a gym bro again, not much in the way of routine. Realising that I was wasting my time, I'm now doing a bastardised SS, with pullups/chins and Tbars/pendlay/cable rows/ inverted rows instead of power cleans. I progressed was going well, however a prior back injury flared badly which led to me stopping squatting and deadlifting

I then tore my meniscus and I had surgery for that 8 months later, which meant lower body work. I stopped lifting for a while as an attempt to heal it. I also started swimming.

My knee still isn't sorted but I'm back in the gym having had another 2 months off training post knee operation. Hopefully 2015 will be the year I can train properly!

Any questions, feel free to quote or PM

Never forget - "Push yourself, push yourself until you can think there is no more you can do, then take another step and another. One foot infront of the other; there is always more in your tank, you just have to believe.
Reach your potential - you can conquer any challenge, great or small. You know it. I know it. Now do it."


Current PBs as of 05/3/14

Squat 1rm 125kg
3 x 3 120kg

Deadlift 155kg 1 x 5

Pause Bench 107.5kg

Pendlay rows 87.5kg x 3

Lifting bro style from first session
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Original post by Angry cucumber

Standing one arm bicep curl over incline bench (there's got to be a proper name for these...) - 12.5 kg 3 x 5 reps each arm

Hammer curl barbell - 10kg + bar 1 x 10 (bar weighs quite a bit!)
15kg 1 x 10
17.5 kg 1 x 10 (last rep needed help)

Hammer curl with a barbell, you sure? haha. First one sounds like a preacher curl. What sort of split are you doing?
Original post by Danny.
Hammer curl with a barbell, you sure? haha. First one sounds like a preacher curl. What sort of split are you doing?

I've just been corrected by my flatmate... its was with a tricep bar :smile:

Sorry :smile:
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Help and advice on here, what about the oracle of all things gym related that is your huge flat mate ? :wink:
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I'm also pretty sure you refer to arm day as "Bis and Tris" usually don't you? :wink:
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Original post by Angry cucumber
I've just been corrected by my flatmate... its was with a tricep bar :smile:

Sorry :smile:

Ahh right I get you.
Original post by blackbelt
Help and advice on here, what about the oracle of all things gym related that is your huge flat mate ? :wink:

:lol: I forgot you had an account on here... I knew you read it but yeah :lol: :tongue:

I take your advice, but multiple resources are useful :wink:

Plus... there's no way I could keep up with you; your nickname isn't "Warrior" for nothing :tongue:

P.s.... it was very much you who used to call it Bi's and tri's :wink:
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If you're just starting out training, make sure you make use of those "newbie gains" because after that, everything just gets slower -_-
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You've made some good and valid points there!
I shall wish you luck and try not to bully you too much :wink:
Original post by blackbelt
You've made some good and valid points there!
I shall wish you luck and try not to bully you too much :wink:

We both know thats not going to last long :tongue:
Haven't gone to the gym this weekend - been too tired.

Played ultimate frisbee (don't hate on it, until you play it - it's great :biggrin: ) in the snow for an hour and a half (ish) - surprisingly hard on the calves... saying that, it is my first cardio since the first week of the Xmas holidays :colondollar:
Shoulder day

No idea what the first two excercises I did are called -

First one you start with a dumbbell in each hand they face sidewards at waist level and you raise them to shoulder height so that they come in front of your face... lord knows what they're called - typing "shoulder exercises" into google is of no help :lol:
10kg (in each hand) - 3 x 15

Second exercise - like lateral deltoid raises - but isn't them :tongue: I got advice from a bodybuilder in the gym to do it this way - works the delts better :smile:
7.5 kg (in each hand) 3x10

Shoulder shrug
25kg (in each hand) 2 x 15
30kg 2 x 10

Delighted that I got 2 sets of 30 out :biggrin: New PB :smile:

Seated dumbbell press - 20kg 2 x 7 - new weight for me - felt like a tonne of bricks on my shoulders! Will have to work on it!

Barbell rows (Done with an EZ bar) - 20kg 1x10
30kg - 1 x 8
35kg - 1 x 4
My shoulders were knackered by this stage - hence the low number of reps on the latter :tongue:
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Chest and back - also a random spurt of legs :tongue:

Incline Bench - 50kg 1 x 10
1 x 4
This was a mistake - the smiths machine had weights on it, when I got to the gym, I thought it was the 20kgs on both side.... thought my chest was going to break... realised my mistake and quickly rectified it - It was 10kg more than I'd ever even considered doing!
40kgs - 2 x 10

Bench press - 50kg 1 x 10
55kg 2 x 10 (last rep was very painful!)

Had to take a break after this, the 50kg inclined, completely screwed with me!
I did some spotting for my flatmate, the massive blackbelt :tongue:

Body weight inverted rows - 2 x 10
1 x 15

And an exercise similar to a middle back shrug - 10kg in each hand
3 x 10

Dumbbell press - 22.5kg 1 x10
2 x 7
Form was terrible! Pushing out the 50kg incline has really screwed me over!

Chest was sore and the gym had got a lot busier - cable machine and smiths were both taken - did some legs

Leg Press 140 kg - 3 x 10
150 kg 1 x10 (heavy!)

I'll do some more back tomorrow - probably some upright rows and sitting rows :smile:
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My nan lifts more than this.

I dislike you at times :tongue:

It's a blog to track progress.... start low - you can only improve :wink:
So yesterday I did 3 back exercises - Sitting rows - 1x10 level 8 (I cant remember what each level corresponds to :tongue: )
1 x 10 level 9
1 x 10 level 10
Dumbbell bent over rows - 10kg dumbbell 3 x 10
Another idk the name of exercise - you place one end of a barbell in a corner - then place weights at the other and in the squat position pull the barbell off the ground to your chest
1 x 10 20 kg
1 x 10 25 kg

Today - arms - Hammer curls using tricep bar - 10kg 1 x 10
15kg - 2 x 10
EZ bicep curls - 20 kg - 1 x 6 - too heavy
15 kg - 2 x 10

5 x 10 BW dips
1 x 15 BW dips

Cable tricep extensions - level 4 2 x 10
level 3 1 x 7

Skullcrushers 20kg 1 x 6 too heavy - I was doing an alternate last set with my flatmate
15kg 1 x 12
1 x 10

Dumbbell tricep extension - 15 kg 1 x 15
17.5 kg 2 x 15

Dumbbell hammercurl 1 x 10 each arm 12.5 kg
Dumbbell curl 1 x 10 each arm 10kg

Cable curl - level 4 1 x 10 each arm

Did a few mins of abs - but nothing of any note

I might have done more - I cant remember :tongue: However, my arms are dead!
Leg day was yesterday

Calf raises - 4 sets 15 reps each time. Started at 50kg + bar, we finished on 110kg plus the bar - ouch :lol:

Squats (I'm not overly good at them, due to me struggling to keep a straight back) 50kg + bar 1 x 10
60kg + bar 2 x 10

Leg press machine - 140 kg - 1 x 10
145 kg 1 x 10
150 kg 1 x 10

I can barely walk today... everything from my waste down, hurts! Not helped by going out last night either!
2.5 hours of cardio yesterday - 1.5 hours of frisbee training and then an hour of 5 a side football :smile:

Might go to the gym later, I shall wait and see how my work load dcreases as the evening progresses
Didnt go in the end

However, I did today - arms

Body weight dips - 4 x 10
Body weight dips + 15 kg - 3 x 5

Tricep cable extensions - Level 4 3 x 10

Dumbbell tricep extensions - 15kg 2 x 15
17.5kg 1 x 15

Hammer curl using Tricep bar - 15kg - 3 x 10

EZ bar - 15kg 3 x 10

Dumbbell curl - 12.5 kg 1 x 10 each arm

Body weight dips killed me! Might do some more curling later on in the week :smile:
So on Wednesday I did shoulders

Shrugging 2 x 15 25kg
2 x 10 30kg

Lateral raises (with palms facing you) - 7.5kg - 3 x 10

Dumbbell vertical raises (lifting the dumbbells from waist level to eye level) 10kg 3 x 10

Lying down dumbbell raise (with arms at full stretch behind your head - bring the dumbbell to above your head, still at full extension) 17.5kg - 1 x 15
20kg 1 x 15
22.5 1 x 15

Dumbbell shoulder raises - 17.5kg 2 x 10
1 x 8
1 x 5

EZ bar face lift (bring EZ bar towards face, stopping at the chest level)
20kg 1 x 10
30 kg 1 x 10
1 x 4

Then played 2 hours of frisbee

Yesterday - did some chest and back - It was a short session due it being at lunchtime

Bench press 30kg 1 x 10
45 kg 1 x 10
50kg 1 x 10
60kg 1 x 10

Incline bench
40kg 3 x 10
Heavy after normal benching!

Bent over rows 30kg 3 x 10

BW rows 3 x 10

Then played an hour of 5 aside football :smile:
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