German & Italian Unification PLEASE HELP Watch

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Any advice/resources/revision material absolutely anyone can send over to me on either of the two preferably Italy would be greatly appreciated.
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Edit: Oh, it's you. Well, now you have three copies of the timeline.

Here's a timeline for Italy:

1815 Treaty of Vienna
1820-1 Revolutions in Naples, Sicily, Piedmont
1821 Troppeau Protocol
1827 Mazzini joins Carbonari
1831 Mazzini founds Young Italy
1831 Revolutions in Modena and Papal States
1843 Papal Confederation/Neo Guelph idea
1846 Election of Pope Pius IX
1848 ‘God bless Italy’
1848 Revolution, 5 Days of Milan, Battle of Custoza
1848 Allocution
1849 Battle of Novara
1849 Roman Republic
1852 Cavour becomes Prime Minister
1854 Crimean War
1858 Orsini assassination attempt
1858 Plombieres
1858 War with Austria
1859 Battle of Magenta, Solferino
1859 Villafranca
1859 Pamphlet - Pope and the Congress
1860 Treaty of Turin
1860 Cavour annexes central states
1860 Garibaldi captures Naples and Sicily
1861 Garibaldi and Cavour hand lands to Victor Emmanuel II at Teano
1862 Garibaldi’s second attempt on Rome (Aspromonte)
1864 Capital switched from Turin to Florence
1864 Syllabus of Errors
1866 Venetia joins Italy after Plebiscite
1867 Garibaldi’s third attempt on Rome (Mentana)
1869 Papal infallibility
1870 Franco-Prussian war
1870 Rome captured
1871 Prisoner in the Vatican


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