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    I overhtink a lot even stuff that hasn't even happened or that there is no evidence what so ever will happen. I think scenarios in my head and worry about them. If someone doesn't respond in the way I thoguht or if someone ignores me or what ever I start to dig and dig the reasons why, what have I done, was it soemthing I said? Have I upset them? They must hate me. I get panicky and my voice starts to shake, as does my body. An example, a friend said he would text in a week (now) giving details of something, I didn't hear from him which put my mind into overdrive, thinkng he doesn't want to know me, he dislkies me, he's not bothered, so I ended up texting him, and he text back a one word answer. This sent my mind again into overdrive, he hates me, I must of said something wrong, maybe it was my mood, etc etc etc. I'm seeing people tomorow I haven't seen for a while and feel im going to get a hostile reception because last time I saw them I was having personal problems and wasn't in the best of moods. This is making me anxious now and will go over and over in my mind, thinking what they will say to me, mor how they will be with me, even though it hasn't even happened yet. I feel so pathetic, I wish I couldn't give a crap about anyone, but I hate to think anyone thinks badly of me. I feel like crying sometimes.is this normal? I don't know what is reality and what isn't, in terms of what I think in my head

    I am very familiar with this line of thinking, and it is an utter nightmare- especially when those type of thought processes are very rigid and resistant to change.
    I overthink things that are different to what you focus on. If it interferes with your life, i believe seeking help (eg therapy) could help resolve that behaviour that is bringing you great distress. Like i said, it is very difficult to resolve with a click of a finger but measures need to be taken to try and minimise the stress created from this line of thinking.

    I do this too sometimes - I think up scenarios in my head that would never feasibly happen, then convince myself that it is going to happen. When this happens, I try to separate fact from fiction: eg I know that him not liking me is in my head, he has not said this, therefore I will remember that it is all in my head. It might work for you too

    i go through similar stuff although not in quite so much detail. i worry when people don't respond and run through scenarios that haven't happened or are never likely to happen. you are not alone in the over thinking department. the best advice that could be given as already been said

    I can relate. A lot.

    Also put my hands up to this way of thinking.
    Just signed up to counselling though so hoping to get some coping techniques, maybe an option for you (most universities give free counselling if you are at that age)
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