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Should people get fined on a train for putting their feet on the seats? watch

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    I don't care


    Yes. they should be fined for:

    putting their feet on seats
    playing their music too loud
    pis sing on the train
    hogging their seat with their bag(s), luggage, bikes whatever

    in other words, anyone who acts as though they own the bloody train should be fined!

    (Original post by TimmonaPortella)
    Putting something on a sign doesn't automatically make it reasonable. Nor does the fact that something is 'not difficult' not to do justify fining people for doing it.

    It really wouldn't be difficult to give train workers the discretion to fine as and when they feel it is justified, with the sort of matters I've drawn attention to kept as guidelines. Then the issue of whether the matter is being dealt with responsibly simply becomes a matter of the train companies wanting to appear reasonable to customers.
    This just makes my blood boil. Public transport companies , trains and buses are renowned for treating their customers like ****. From rude miserable bus drivers who arn't greatful for the overpriced bus fare you gave them to travel half a mile that's helping pay their wage, and look at you with contempt and hatred to train staff fascists putting up intimidating threatening notices.

    No other company or service treats customers like this. You don't get this disgusting treatment in a restaurant or supermarket or hotel. If a member of staff in a supermarket treat customers the way bus drivers treat customers they'd get fired!

    Fines are another way of robbing money from passengers who pay the highest rail fares in Europe.

    And to think society wants more people to leave their cars at home and go on public transport, yeah dream on! Being on the dole is a more attractive alternative to commuting!
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    A better question would be:
    Why is there not footstools on a train? People can put their feet up, and they serve as additional seating during busy journeys.
    (Original post by SeanFM)
    Definitely. It's time for us to put our foot down.
    Oh dear.
    (Original post by Fullofsurprises)
    Anyone eating hot food on any train whatsoever - fine.

    Talking too loudly - fine.

    Baby keeps crying - fine.

    Use of cellular communication device to hold loud conversation - fine and explusion from service at next stop.

    Walking pointlessly up and down carriage when crowded for no good reason - fine and expulsion.

    Failing to flush toilet after self - sentenced to two years cleaning train toilets.
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