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Job is putting me in overtime without asking me. watch

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    I am contracted as a sales assistant to work 21 hours a week. However, I usually I do a few extra hours a week. However recently I'd been put in to do six extra days of overtime in the last two weeks and I was never asked if I could do them. These extra days unfortunately fell on two weekends where I was jam packed with things with one or two of them days where I was originally meant to be off, but because of this I had to change things around to do this overtime. I also did this overtime alongside my usual work days so I have done round about 51 hours or more this week. It really has dragged me down so much and I am just so tired. I've said yes to overtime in the past when I have been asked but in this case I am upset about this because I wasn't asked to do this beforehand. In my contract it says I will be expected to do overtime, however is it illegal to put people in for overtime without asking them?
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    How long have you been working at the job?
    If you are in the UK, then go and talk to your nearest CAB, but id suspet it isnt illegal to ask you to do overtime if thats in the contract. maybe theres a procedure they have to follow?

    Cant you talk to the person putting you in for over time? they might think they are doing you a favour. If the overtime is too much for you and they are unwilling to change then you might have to look for a new job. It mau be as easy as simply making them aware and them asking someone else.

    it's not illegal to put you in for overtime, however they can't force you to do it... so if you go and say that you can't work the shift in theory that is okay, in practice it depends on your manager as they can sack you for whatever they like in the first two years

    talk to your manager and say you'd like to be asked about overtime as you're busy and that is has caused you problems, tell them you came in despite it causing issues the other weekend as you really didn't want to create a problem if the manager thought the shift was going to be okay but in future you'll need notice and to be asked or you might have to tell them you can't work... if they kick off you will have to decide whether the job is worth keeping

    You're employer doesn't own you, OP. Just tell them you'd rather be asked before being put down for overtime, or tell them you already have plans you can't cancel if they put you down anyway.

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