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Hi All,
I'm a mature student about the Finish the final module of an open university degree. I'm very keen to continue my studies at post graduate level , however I'm concerned about the funding amd confused about the best path I can take .

I currently work full time alongside my studies and have my home and grown up son to support. I am also disabled and suffer from exhaustion as a result, so Im concious about taking on too much.

The 2 pathways for Marsters, I've seen, involves being sponsored by an employer or going full time to University as a research postgraduate student.

I'm not quite sure which one I would like to choose and this may ultimately depend on funding available.

I'm aware we can get student loan now for postgraduate study however is there anywhere we can also go to for day-to-day living costs?

Because of my disability I've already been supported from the DLA fund for my undergraduate study and hope that this would continue in postgraduate when needed.

Is anyone aware of any financial support available that can be applied for, on top of the student loan?

Has anyone any advice on what to look for with regarding whether to do a sponsored or researched postgraduate Masters degree?

And finally, cam anyone offer advice on how to go about finding a good sponsor opportunity?

Incase needed for consideration, I'm completing a BSc(Hons) Environmemtal Studies. I think, if my calculations are correct, I'll come out with a high 2:1. I'm interested in Environmental Management for Postgrad study.

Thanks for your help,
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There is a (long!) list of possible sources of funding here:
Most of them will be irrelevant, but there should be some that are worth an enquiry.
Btw, are you aware that you can do the MSc with the Open University?

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