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    i want to learn spanish



    (Original post by nick rodriguez)
    i want to learn spanish
    Como Estas?

    (Original post by nick rodriguez)
    i want to learn spanish
    pues aprendelo muchacho, si no se te ofrece en la escuela ve a un país donde se habla, es lo mejor y lo que hago ahora, estoy en la república dominicana y mi nivel de espanol ha mejorado de manera increíble desde mi llegada aquí.

    just realised you probs didnt get any of that cos you dont speak spanish...

    so basically if you aren't offered it in school or wherever you study go to a Spanish speaking country and live there for a while. I live in the Dominican Republic and since I got here my Spanish has improved so much, it's surprised me how much more fluent I am now than before.

    Good luck!
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Updated: February 17, 2017
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