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    This may be the wrong place to put this (if so, I'm sorry).

    I have been riding for about five years and I really enjoy it. I started out really well and but for some reason, about two years ago, I lost my confidence and became a very nervous rider. But I kept at it, and now I am loving every minute of riding and my confidence has soared. I've never owned my own horse, I have lessons every week and other random rides out on hacks ect.

    I have the time for a part loan horse, and I'm really enthusiastic about the opportunity. The problem is, I have no idea how to go about finding one, or the things I have to go through and look out for before getting one.

    Could anyone help me out?
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    Have a look at, and put an advert up in local tack and feed shops. Be honest about your ability and what you're looking for.

    Online, google 'horses for loan' and check out the websites that have loan sections. New Rider tends to get a lot of adverts.

    You're certainly looking at the right time of year, as it's winter and a lot of people prefer to have help with their horses in the colder months.

    Okay - horses for sale/loan/sharing etc can be found advertised in equestrian magazines, livery yards, online and tack shops. Sometimes also local newspapers.

    What you need to look out for?

    1) Is it healthy? Take someone knowledgeable with you when you visit, and make sure you get the vet out if there are ANY concerns. You also need to know how much responsibility you have for paying vets bills/farriery bills, etc.

    2) Is it safe? Make sure you ride it. Take it on the road, in traffic, alone, in company, etc. Will it do something mental when faced with a cyclist?

    3) Is it suitable for you? Is it young enough? Is it versatile enough? Can you use it for lessons? Is it fit?

    4) Any special diet/ferriery? Kept out or in? Where will you keep it? Does it need to be kept at the owners yard? Can other people ride it with your permission?

    5) Check out the insurance situation.

    I have a headache, hopefully someone else can give you a more coherent list.

    (Original post by Lemonade&Lime)
    This may be the wrong place to put this (if so, I'm sorry).

    I have the time for a part loan horse, and I'm really enthusiastic about the opportunity. The problem is, I have no idea how to go about finding one, or the things I have to go through and look out for before getting one.

    Could anyone help me out?
    It is pretty much like buying a horse really, possibly a bit more complicated.

    I share my horse with a girl whilst im away at boarding school.

    It can be very hard for the owners, as they want the best for their horses, so they awnt to find someone they can trust. And that someone has to be able to care enough for the horse that they would do anything to help it out if it needs it then and there.

    I can trust that my sharer would do that.

    So look on the internet adverts under loan/share, look at local tack shops (may be easier as the horses will be local), magazines.


    magazines like: Your Horse, Horse & hound, Horse, Horse & rider, Horse deals, etc.

    Once you have found some that seem suitable, then ring them up... see if they still have the horse, and ask generall questions:
    *Does it hack
    *does it box
    *What is the yard like ... Facilities, people (if it is your first horse, it is often best to have a larger yard - so there is always someone around if you have a problem)
    *Does it load
    *live out / live in?
    *Any illnesses?
    *Any restrictions on what they can do - such as the horse may not be able to jump over 2ft, - and if you want to compete or something, then this is not the horse fOR you.

    Then if you sound ok with this, then ask if you can go visit, and arange a time.
    Go up and see waht the horse is like on the floor, grooming and handeling,
    Then see what they are like ridden.

    Whilst you are there then you need to ask the question how would the share work? such as:
    *how much money would they want a month
    *How many days a week can/would you have to come up
    *How many times a day would you have to come up
    *does the yard provide someone to do livery if you are unable to come up... or are they flexible enough to be able to change days if you are unable to for a reason.
    *How would the weekends work out.
    *Go back over all of the questions you asked on the phone


    You should always ask about the horses insurance, and you wopuld need to be added to it as a rider and carer of the horse so you are covered for incidents on the floor and ridden.

    DON'T JUST GO FOR THE 1ST HORSE YOU TRY. They may be cute looking and melt your heart, but if they are not 100% perfect for you when you try, as it is your 1st horse i strongly recomend that you don't think 'oh, well we can workj on that issue' TAKE IT FROM MY EXPERIENCE. MY FIRST PONY MELTED MY HEART, I GOT HIM BACKL TO THE YARD AND HE WAS A LITTLE S**T!

    When you are deffinately settled on a horse, you need to have a CONTRACT!!!

    You need to have everything covered. It will be written out by the owner, but you need to check, and ANYTHING you are ubsure about, QUESTION IT. And if you think something else should be said, tell them!

    I think i've covered it really....

    If you want anymore just say,
    Always happy to help!
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    Thankyou! That's exactly the advice I was looking for

    do you live in the north west or merseyside?
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    Unfortunately not, I live down the South West near Bristol.

    oh I was going to reccommend a merseyside website i use but i cant :o:


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