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What am I eligible for?

I have a query regarding student loan eligibility. I graduated from a BA (hons) in American Literature with Creative Writing in 2021. I am now considering studying a second Part Time undergraduate degree through the Open University. The degrees I am considering are; BSc (Honours) Healthcare and Health ScienceBSc (Honours) Psychology with CounsellingBSc (Honours) Public Health and WellbeingIf I were to embark on one of these degrees, would I be eligible for student loans? And would this be tuition fee loans, maintenance loans, or both? Further to this, if I was to begin a degree with OU, complete part of it, and then take a pause in study, and then begin a Master's degree, would I be eligible for a Master's Loan? And on completion of my masters, could I still get student loan funding to complete my part time degree through OU?
Hi there. Generally, if you already hold a degree at an equivalent level you are looking to study, then you would not be eligible to take out a further loan.

There are some courses that are exceptions to this rule, such as Allied Health Professional or NHS courses.

Open University is classed as part-time distance learning. The courses you have listed are classed as part-time exception courses, and therefore you can apply for the funding. However, as Open University is distance learning, it would only be the Tuition Fee you would be eligible for. Unless you have a disability that prevents you from attending a university in person.

You wouldn't be able to pause the undergraduate to do a postgraduate course, then come back and complete the undergraduate. You would need to withdraw from the undergraduate course if you wanted to go on to complete a masters.

Thanks, Leah.

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