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My gf made up other people

Hi I’m a female dating a female I’m 18 and have been with this girl for nearly three years. About 7 months into our relationship she told me she cheated on me (well she had met up with a girl she knew from school and kissed her a few days into us really getting a connection and knowing we wanted to be together I don’t know if you would call it cheating or not as we weren’t official) my girlfriend told me this and my heart broke but I stayed with her. I spent hours searching for this girl and comparing my self to her she’s gorgeous and I started to hate my self more and more I would ask my girlfriend questions and only end up getting hurt. She told me that her and lets say this is girl one. Her and girl one were good, they knew each other at school and she had this thing with her for 3 years, but she always said that this wasn’t official they were having sex and what not. Anyway like I said I spent hours searching her insta and what not. Then my girlfriend has another friend girl 2. And she told me that all 3 of them had a three some and that she had done it with this girl a few times and described it to me. I knew this girl as she had both girls on snap so I asked her to remove girl 1 because it made me far too upset when she would post something. I’ve met girl 2 a handful of times and I just can’t do it it breaks my heart. She’s told me so many stories so so many about girl 1. This happened for over a year. I was seriously not dealing with it anymore and she told me there was more girls she had been with one was someone she worked with and she didn’t tell me for ages. Then recently she told me that I either get over all of these girls and how hurt I was or we had to end things so I was crying and saying I can’t get over it. Then 5 minutes later she tells me that she’s made all of this up. It was all lies nothing happened with any of these girls, my heart broke and I decided to stay with her but these are real girls that she went to school with that she was friends with and I know what they look like their names. I feel so broken at the minute about it. I had a dream that she cheated on me with girl 2 and I can’t stop thinking about it. Please please please can someone help me to get over this. Or can someone tell me what I can do to help repair how I look in my head I don’t want these dreams I just want it to be gone. Thanks A
Walk away buddy. Run for the door and get yourself free of what sounds like a really bad situation emotionally. More people out there who deserve your time and emotions, first among them being yourself.

Once done, take time t find your feet, get back to a healthy and stable place emotionally and figure out where you go in future.
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Run for the hills.

She's either lying now to try and get you to move on from her cheating, or she genuinely did make it all up to manipulate you. I don't think a healthy relationship result from either.
She sounds like an absolute psycho, making up situations which she could see were making you cry so much and she continued to fabricate them…she probably secretly enjoyed seeing you so upset and how easily she could manipulate you. What you need to do is dump her straight away and cut all contact with her forever because she’s so incredibly toxic.
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