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A day in the life of an engineering student

Hi there ! From a busy , somewhat sleep deprived but still wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world second-year Energy Engineering student. Just incase you were wondering what my days are filled with , join me as I take you through a typical Monday in my life , bear in mind that there are students who fill their spare time with activities that better suit their interests.

8:00 - Gym
All my Mondays officially start with an hour strength training session at Pure gym ( and yes Mondays are for leg days !! ). It’s about a 10 min walk from my student accommodation and I am usually back home by 9:30 , in time to shower , get ready for school and grab something for breakfast. I usually prepare overnight oats the evening before to save time and eat in the morning then walk to school.

11:00 AM - Product Design Seminar/Practical
The academic part of my day kicks off with a product design seminar and practical session. This hour is all about using CAD and getting creative to design products. From sketching initial concepts to creating visual prototypes with different software and running stress tests , this session sets the tone for the day ahead.

12:00 PM - Product Design Lecture
Following the practical session, it's time to go deeper into the theoretical aspects of product design. The lecture provides valuable insights into the principles and methodologies behind effective design, exploring everything from materials selection to user experience.

1:00 PM - Coffee Break at Starbucks
After two long hours in class , I need a break and the chance to eat my packed lunch. I usually head to Starbucks in food village on campus with a friend to refuel with a cup of coffee , eat my lunch and catch up on the latest happenings. This is my chance to recharge and connect with friends over lunch.

2:00 PM - Project Management Lecture
After recharging my batteries, it's back to the lecture hall for a two-hour session on project management. As an engineering student, mastering project management principles is essential for overseeing complex projects and ensuring they're delivered on time and within budget. From risk assessment to resource allocation, this lecture covers it all and the past few weeks we’ve also had the opportunity to meet project managers in different industries as guest speakers.

4:00 PM - Project Management Seminar
The day wraps up with an interactive session that is currently being used for discussions, case studies, and practical exercises to reinforce key concepts learned in the lecture as well as working on our current group projects . Most days I’m exhausted by this time but I enjoy these sessions the most.

After my last class I pop into Tesco then Lidl to grab my groceries for the week , I shop according to the menu I pick for the week on Sunday evening . Having a general plan for the week makes it easier for me to save time , eat healthy meals and also save money when I shop intentionally. Then my evenings are dedicated to getting some school work done and having dinner and asleep by midnight hopefully , let’s not forget to squeeze in an episode of Friends during dinner.

I hope you enjoyed my recap of what my Mondays look like , not all my days are like this some are busier and some are less busy .

Energy Engineering student
De Montfort University

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