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proof of autoimmunity

just revising immunity, my lecture slide says autoimmunity can be proved by passively transferring the disease like transferring the disease to fetus via placental IgG

now... after they place it in the fetus, what happens next?? I assume its like an animal fetus right? Its sad either way but I hope they're not like waiting till the being gives birth to see if the child is disabled?????? Surely science has evolved far enough for that NOT to happen

Basically, how does it work?? How does the whole process work im just curious, just hoping its not as inhumane as im thinking

(writing this on anon bc I can never write without it lol I have an embarrassing history of posts)
in the midst of me wondering how long a reply would take, forgetting it was 3am, I realised my stupidity

all this time I thought they purposely would give a fetus the disease and wait till it was born to see if it had the disease, but I realised the people with the disease can just decide to have a baby and be a parent anyways without the experiment even being in the picture and the autoantibodies would transfer anyways to the fetus lmaoooo

oh thank god that clicked in my head, really thought scientists were producing people with a disease just to see if they had the disease goodness

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