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The cutest card you ever gave or received for your birthday here's mine

I had this card for around 8 months but had no one special to give it too. It was supposed to be for someone but things fell apart months ago. So the card was forgotten about until now.

A colleague the most beautiful woman I have laid eyes on and I realise we share a few things in common her 30th birthday was coming up. The team is planning a gift, a card and party when she returns but saw an opportunity to give her one by me before her birthday and finally start a proper conversation between us.

I gave her this card (which was bit on the expensive side but it made me smile when I saw it but something told me to give her this) and when I handed the envelope to her she said how cute it was of me which made me blush. She said she would open it on her birthday which was a week away and she was on holiday.
We both spoke about how long we worked in this company and we started around same time and we are in the same age range, I was nervous as hell as I kept moving around alot like I got ants in my pants and I apologised after if I was weird she said don't apologise for being you....(swooned). She was saying how it was ugh being 30 so I looked at her strangely and she looked abit awkward and I smiled and said I'm a a year older than her and she was shocked as she thought I was mid 20s and I said don't worry she is still a baby. I'm glad we spoke now.

We don't have each other contacts. So I will have to wait until she is back but we only finally got to know each other recently after knowing of one another for years. 6 years ago she briefly worked in my department and I was nervous around her and think she was too as back then we barely made small talk then I didn't see her again but the attraction was magnetic. Now we are in same place in different department and see each other more whenever we see each other we look in each others direction when we walk past and smile. I remember looking at her talking to her once and she couldn't look me in the eye and she probably felt nervous.

This is the card I got (attached a pic of the card) and I added a erasable legami panda pen that says hug me inside. Wish I could see her reaction in person. She looked so happy to have been given something and it made me happy.

So any similar cute story?
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Not cute, but when I was like 8 I made a Ben 10 birthday card for my younger brother and he chucked it in the bin. I put so much effort into it as well, what a prick :colonhash:
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Original post by GeT_iN_SHinJI
Not cute, but when I was like 8 I made a Ben 10 birthday card for my younger brother and he chucked it in the bin. I put so much effort into it as well, what a prick :colonhash:

Ouch sorry to hear that. That's mean of your brother. I hope you tell him how much it hurt your feelings.
When it comes to cards I always make them myself. I really enjoy doing it, just to take a break and paint for a few hours. It’s always really cool knowing that I have made something for someone that only they have as I personalise to them.

The best card I have ever gotten was from my best friend for my 18th. She made it herself. It’s the only card I’ve ever received handmade, it has a terrible stick figure of me dancing on the front and a sunset on the back. It’s my most treasured card and the writing on the inside is even better than the masterpiece displayed as its cover. She even (rightly so) had the audacity to slate my card making abilities in the inside saying I will never amount to her artistic greatness and god dammit! She is RIGHT!! 🤣🤣

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