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Birthday blues

It was my 16th birthday yesterday and I can’t stop crying. I have 2 friends, I went out with them, people gave me gifts and cards but I’m so sad. My mum isn’t here because she’s gone on a business trip, my dad put in effort, but it still feels so sad. I feel ungrateful and *****y complaining, but I can’t stop crying. I didn’t get a cake or candles because usually my mum arranges it, and it didn’t feel happy at all. There was no special meal or anything, and my dad ended up spending the whole day trying to fix something and ended up bringing my neighbour round to help, so I didn’t get to talk to him at all, and when i did all he would talk about is the thing that is broken. I understand that I’m lucky to have this many people buying gifts for me and things, so idk why I’m so sad :frown: I probably am just ungrateful and self centred or something.
I understand you completely, I always feel sad and cry on my birthday and it's not really for a specific reason. I think it's just that we expect it to be a really good day bc it is YOUR day if u know what I mean. And then when it doesn't live up to that even in the slightest it's just sad. Ranting usually helps me and this post is a quite a nice lil rant so hopefully it'll have helped you get those emotions out, feel free to rant some more if u need to it genuinely works wonders lol, makes me feel better anyway and helps get it off my chest. But don't worry you are not self centred and ungrateful, the fact that you are even worrying about that shows that you are a good person, at least to me anyway. I do hope you feel better soon though and it sucks that your birthday didn't go how you wanted it.
Oh diddums🥲

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