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History and GDL or LLB?

I'm applying for uni in a couple of months and unsure of what path to take- I have not got many connections in the legal field (I have a STEM based family). I'm currently considering either studying history or law at University (either the History Dual Programme at Trinity College Dublin and Columbia in NY, or at Oxford/Cambridge if I can get in). I'm unsure of what path I truly want to go on and have heard from many people studying law that you should really love it to study at Uni. However, I am concerned with employment prospects and salaries etc. and was wondering if studying history and doing a GDL may affect this in any way? I don't know if my heart is in doing a law degree although I have arranged some work experience to see. I am from NI and really want to live in Dublin (they have the equivalent of a GDL). If anyone has any advice I would appreciate any help of advice :smile:
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Taking an LLB and then doing an SQE is basically going to law school twice, do a degree you will enjoy and then the GDL+ skills, experience and knowledge you may get from a different degree could be invaluable to your career choice and paths😊 doing this can also help you avoid getting bored with something you want to do as a career

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