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Unhappy with DSA report

I had my DSA meeting last week for my diabetes. However, I'm unhappy with what has been written in my report. All the things I clearly said I experienced only when my blood sugar levels are low, they've written that it's the whole time, including not being able to concentrate and finding it harder to read and write etc. They've also written some things that I never mentioned at all.

I gave consent to them sending it to student finance and my university as I trusted them to have written what I'd actually said, so I'm a bit worried now that they've got this report instead. It's for medicine which is obviously a very fast paced course so I'm worried they'll maybe advise against me doing it particularly because I'm currently on a waiting list. But the university also might start planning support that I don't need and might be better used elsewhere. Does anyone have any advice for who I should get in contact with first about this and what I should say? Has anyone else experienced this?
Contact your needs assessor right away to let them know you're not happy with what was written, and that you'd like your needs assessment report amended.

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