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UCAS University acceptance

I got accepted by university of greenvich with a conditional offer on UCAS. the weird thing is that I dont qualify? and i applied mainly to get rejected, is there even a sliver of chance i get in? the requirement is 128 UCAS points (ABB) and my subject predicted is only 2 A-level (BB) or (BC) okay this is where it gets even more strange.

I applied to university of sheffield (reason to apply was mostly as a joke not serious) i got rejected like the UCAS thingi specifies i got rejected. I applied to UWE bristol and they said i got rejected for their undergrad as you dont qualify and give me an offer for foundation year.
(BTW the courses i took for greenvich was LAW and for sheffield was LAW and UWE bristol was business with law)
I know this is by a LOOONG shot but if i get BC could i get into university of greenvich? like did they give me an offer cuz they dont have enough students maybe? and they lower standards to let dumbasses like me in? is this possible??? pls tell asap

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