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Making the most of your summer - ideas

Hi everyone!

For some of you, summer has already started, and for the rest of us, it will begin very soon :wink: I am a huge fan of using time in an effective and operant way. That is why I have some brilliant ideas for you on how to make the most of your summer and bring back unforgettable memories. Feel free to share your plans and inspire others!

1. Summer internship

That is a perfect example of how usefulness and pleasure can be successfully combined. Open LinkedIn, put ‘summer internship’ in a search box and choose your dream location. You will be surprised how many diverse offers you can find, and the majority of them will be paid. Therefore, you will not have any problems managing on your own in a country of internship.

You can apply for a spectrum of roles as long as you use different and tailored cover letters. It can be connected with your studies in order to gain practical experience and enrich your knowledge. However, it may also be linked to your passions and career aspirations. It is your summer, so choose the option that you feel will be the most beneficial.

Remember that apart from work experience benefits, a summer internship is also associated with meeting inspiring people, discovering new cultures, and exploring great cities. You will definitely undergo outstanding transformation upon completion. And if the employer is satisfied with your performance, they might even offer you a permanent role after graduation.

2. Volunteering project

I have here two recommendations for you. The first one is the European Solidarity Corps (but it will not be available for everyone), and I volunteered last year for their initiative. The second one is the International Volunteer HQ which is available for everyone. They offer a wide range of shorter and longer volunteering programmes all around the world.

You do not really need experience for that. You just need to be willing to help and share kindness. I guarantee that the satisfaction from helping, the priceless friendship made during the project, and the transferable skills gained are worth any commitment.

I spent three weeks last summer in Le Mans, France. The main objective of the programme was to support the neighbourhoods with activities for children and street furniture made of wood by us. There were 11 of us. We worked almost everyday, excluding weekends, but only for around 6 hours, so we had plenty of free time. That is why we got along really fast. Each evening we organised a country night with traditional food and music. We also went on some trips to explore bigger cities in France. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

3. Work & travel in the United States

American dream? Yes, yes, and yes! You can go to work on a camp for kids, and after, you have up to 30 days for travelling around the United States. I am going with Camp Leaders this year. Conveniently, they are available internationally, so no matter what country you come from, you will be probably able to go.

There are two recruitment ways. You can apply for specific camps, and they can reach out to you if they like your profile. I was offered an interview by a camp close to Chicago, and got an office job there. There are many various roles available, including the camp counsellor and support staff. Of course, you are paid for your work. Furthermore, food, accommodation, flights, medical insurance, and any support are provided and included in the programme fee, which is around 500-600 pounds.

It is a win-win situation because the earned money can be spent on travel after the camp, and 30 days are definitely enough to see many cities and attractions. What is more, that is another fantastic opportunity to connect with inspiring people and get some work experience.

I hope this post was helpful. Let me know what your plans are! If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them.

Take care,

Julia :h:

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