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Strange feeling

Hi I’m a teenage girl and recently I’ve been experiencing weird pulsating in my vaginal area, it happens when I’m uncomfortable by things, people keep telling me I’m sexually aroused but I just don’t think that’s it since it’s when I read depressing news articles or when I see horror documentaries. It just doesn’t make sense. Is this normal??
You’re not alone, I’m sure it’s normal. When I was younger if I got annoyed with something, I would get a sort of pulse down there- and I wouldn’t understand why because I was by no means aroused. I’m still not 100% sure why, maybe it could possibly be that when we feel a strong emotion, we tense without realising it and that creates a pulse? I don’t entirely know, but I do know that it is normal :smile:
I think you don't need to be afraid of it it's happened to many teenagers just keep be postive .
It's completely normal.

Look up the term "groinal response" - the physical reaction you experience doesn't necessarily mean you are sexually aroused by the stimulus.

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